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‘Spatial Boundaries’  48 x 48 cm 2016

Techniques: Hand made felt and stitch.
Materials: Merino wool tops, various fibers, fabrics and threads.

‘Space, vast space, is the friend of being’ G.Bachelard. The temporal spatial boundaries of shifting horizons and detail. Land marks constantly wiped and remade by seasonal changes and customary journeys. Using the nomadic and ephemeral qualities of felted cloth juxtaposing shifting areas of careful or haphazard placing. 

Exhibited in ‘Making Space’ at Macclesfield Silk Museum and the Knitting & Stitch Show with the 62 Group of Textile Artists.



Mounted on wooden stretchers £850

‘Sketches: The Sun That Divides’. 170 x 170 cm 2012

Technique: Felt and stitch

Materials: Merino wool tops, thread, tourist scarf.

Photographer: howaboutdave


A tourist route of sun seeking southern locations using a deconstructed Australian souvenir scarf embedded within the felt surface. Dividing like shadows, the stereotypical cliches associated with a specific location forming pre concieved expectations. Overlaid with threaded traces of an authentic experience from the artists travel sketch books.    


Exhibited in ’62 @ 50’ Holden Gallery, Manchester with The 62 Group of Textile Artists 2013.

‘Sketch: Passion of Place’ 56 w x 193 h cm 2012

Technique: Hand felting and stitch 

Materials: Merino wool tops, thread, tourist scarf.

Photographer: artist


‘Objects that occupy our daily lives are in fact the objects of passion, that of personal possession.’ Baudrillard

The passion of place depicted on UK and USA souvenir scarves were embedded within the felt structure. With the artist’s travel sketches threaded through the surface. Possessing fleeting observations of nostalgic escapism.


Exhibited in ‘Package Tour’ Knit and Stitch Shows with The 62 Group of Textile Artists 2012

‘Tracks and Traces: Alpujarras’ 108 w x 114 h cm 2012

Technique: Hand and machine stitch, appliqué and felting.

Materials: Various synthetic or natural fabrics and thread, merino wool.

Photographer: artist


Tracking the shifting light and shadows, across the steep hillside of the Spanish landscape around Appleton’s studio in the Alpujarras.  Layers of fabric and threads,  trace the continually re-worked and criss-crossing journeys by man and animals over time.

Exhibited at ‘Open Stal’, Hawar studio, Oldeberkoop. Netherlands 2017


‘Edge and Flow’ 89 x 107 cms 2014

Techniques: Hand felted.

Materials: Dyed merino wool tops and various threads.

Photographer David Ramkalawon


The interaction between edges – land and sea.

Using a material with direct connection to the nomad; considering their fluid journey on land to that of tidal flow.  The uncertainties of seasonal changes and the effect of land erosion with the transformation of colour and surfaces during the felting process.


Exhibited in ‘Ebb and Flow’ Gimsby Minster, Lincolnshire with The 62 Group of Textile Artists 2014

‘Dry Drifting Shadows: Alpujarras’  91 x 56 x 2 cm  2010

Technique:Hand felted artist made needle felt and stitch.

Materials: Dyed merino wool tops and various natural fibres, fabrics and threads.

Photographer: Stephen Yates, details: artist.


On the steep hot Alpujarra hillside shadow and lines are re drawn and traced by man and animals, representing the many journeys through a fragile landscape. Influenced by “Lines: A Brief History’ by Tim Ingold, where he considers the thread with the trace and their additive or reductive structure. Various quality of line were explored by adding threads or cutting away.

Exhibited 'At A Tangent' Gallery Oldham with the 62 Group Textile Artists 2010


‘Sketch 1’ 38.5w x 40h cm 2011   Mounted on board  £450

Hand made felt, thread, fabric and hand stitch.

14‘Plantas de la Alpujarras’ .png
14a‘Plantas de la Alpujarras’ detail.png

‘Plantas de la Alpujarras’ 2009 Mount: 35.5w x35.5h Work: 29w x27h cm 

Hand made felt, thread, fabric and machine stitch.  Mounted on board              £550


‘Veiled Land : Coded Site II’ 2000  Mount 84w x 59h Work: 69w x 48h x 2d cm

Hand made felt, thread, fabric and machine stitch.   Mounted on board                 £1500 


‘Veiled Land : Coded Site IV’ 2000. Mount 84w x 59h Work: 69w x 48h x 2d cm

Hand made felt, thread, fabric and machine stitch. Mounted on board                        £1500 

18 Tidal Lines_Under currents.png
18aTidal Lines_Under currentsDetail.png

‘Tidal Lines:Undercurrents’ 2021 reconstructed work 26 w x 26 h x 2 d cm

Merino wool, various threads and fabric, hand stitch.  Mounted on wooden stretchers  £295


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