Jeanette's aim is to guide the individual to discover and develop their unique creative approach and making process.  To initiate a direction to explore and observe, through mark making and felting techniques. These experiments are used to connect with each participant’s interests and previous work, to suggest future directions.


To explore the potential of design ideas at each stage of the felt making process.

Enjoying the surprises and discoveries in the transformation of materials.


  • Different methods of mixing and layering various fibers, fabrics and threads.

  • To consider the quality of marks, textural surfaces and colour fusion.

  • Varying density and scale to create forms and structures.

  • Incorporating other techniques such as embroidery or print.

  • Developing sketch books and design folders.

  • Personal development advice via individual tutorials.

  • Power point presentations are available where appropriate.


To consolidate individual methods and direction for fashion, interiors, installations or art works.   © Jeanette Appleton 2018