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Jeanette Appleton - Textile Artist


Jeanette Appleton’s international recognition through various projects and exhibitions, results from exploring the transformation of fibre and fabric by hand felting or industrial processes.


Inspired by the ephemerial qualities of land and light, the cultural contrasts of journeys and environmental issues, she considers the commodification of land, as a collected memory of place or nostalgia through the tourist view and souvenir.


She has researched historical and contemporary issues of the nomad and land, with funded exploration in Russia, Mongolia and the Caucasus.


She has participated in international exchanges, such as ‘Felt Crossing Boundaries’ and ‘Through the Surface’, in order to explore cultural difference through the creative process.


Her work has been featured in various magazines and books with examples of her work in private and public collections in the UK and overseas.

© Jeanette Appleton 2020


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