The ‘Through The Surface’ project curated by Professor Lesley Millar was a series of mentoring collaborations between 14 textile artists. Emerging artists worked with established artists from Britain and Japan. Naoko Yoshimoto and Jeanette worked together at the University of Huddersfield, who funded the time and space. A monthly blog for the web site emphasised the importance of the dialogue and an evaluation throughout the process. Individual work and a collaboration piece were produced to exhibit with the other artists in the UK and Japan.

2004 UCA Gallery, Farnham; The Sainsbury Centre, Norwich and Bankfield Museum, Halifax.

2005 National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan.


‘Landline: Double Edged Encounters’ 28.4 x 0.6 x 3 metres 2003

Installation exhibited in the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich 2004.

Photographer: Pete Huggins


 ‘Time really is one big continuous cloth, no? We habitually cut out pieces of time to fit us, so we tend to fool ourselves with thinking that time is our size, but it really goes on and on’. ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’ by Haruki Murakami

The continual length of cloth suggests how a journey has changing passages between the folds of time and memory.


Purchased by the Contemporary Arts Society for Nottingham Castle Museum permanent collection. Featured in ‘Reveal’ a catalogue of the museums contemporary textile collection in 2005.


‘Souvenir Line: Nomadic Memory’.  45 x 90 x 20 cm 2003

Collaboration with Naoko Yoshimoto.

Technique:  Artist made needle felt and deconstructed cloth.

Materials: Wool, various fibres and fabrics, second hand cloth.

Photographer: Pete Huggins

The collaborative work produced at the end of Naoko’s visit portrays their cultural differences but united in the structure. Jeanette discovered in the mentoring process, that she began with fibre to make the cloth whereas Naoko had deconstructed cloth to make fibre.

Recently exhibited at Newstead Abbey ‘The Dreaming House : Art Textiles in Historic Houses’ from the collections of Nottingham Museums in 2015.

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