Invited to participate in the exhibition ‘Bite-Size’ of minature work by artist from Japan and UK who have worked with Professor Lesley Miller. Shown at the Daiwa Foundation, London and Gallery Gallery, Kyoto in 2011.


‘Place-Myths’  20 x 20 x 10cm 2011

Technique: Hand felt and transfer print.

Materials: Dyed Merino wool tops, second hand cloth, printing ink, perspex box.

Photographer: howaboutdave and artist in exhibition space.


A souvenir of place: display and packaging of the tourist gaze.  A miniature created by the shrinking effect of hand felting with merino wool. Transforming the practical use cloth to that of an artefact, a displayed souvenir.  Labels suggest layers of locations and archaeological memories of a journey.

© Jeanette Appleton 2018